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New Distribution Partnership in Pakistan

Laerdal Global Health solutions are now more accessible in Pakistan thanks to a new agreement signed with local distributor, Medinostic Healthcare.  

According to the UN, 154 women die for every 100,000 live births in Pakistan. The country also suffers from a high newborn mortality rate of 56 deaths per 1000 births. These statistics are influenced by multiple factors, but there is broad recognition that investing in the education and training of midwives in Pakistan could significantly improve the situation. 

In light of Pakistan’s burden and in support of the Laerdal goal of helping save one million lives, every year by 2030, our operations team worked hard to seek out an aligned distributor. Medinostic Healthcare is a trusted partner of several medical educational institutions and hospitals throughout Pakistan and our sister company, Laerdal Medical. Importantly they have strong ambitions to advance simulation-based medical education in their country. 

“We are always considering where we can make the greatest impact with our solutions and ensuring they are accessible to the countries who have a high maternal or neonatal mortality rates is very important to us at Laerdal Global Health. We are pleased that this agreement has been signed, and we have already seen an increase in orders to Pakistan as a direct result.”

Says Vegard Landen, Operations Manager at Laerdal Global Health

"Pakistan has one of the highest newborn and maternal mortality rates in the world. It is a major public health problem that has a devastating impact on families and communities. We want to work with Laerdal Global Health to reduce these rates by promoting training and education in this healthcare segment. By working together, we can make a difference in the lives of millions of women and children in Pakistan."

Dr. Waqar Jissaom, Director, Medinostic Health Care

Further onboarding of Medinostic is set to take place in 2024 to support increased understanding of solutions. Exploration with key implementing partners also continues In Pakistan to understand how Laerdal Global Health could partner to make greater impact on the maternal and neonatal health. 

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