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Helping save lives of mothers and newborns

Every day, babies and mothers die from preventable birth-related complications. Most of them in low-resource settings.     


Newborns die every day


Mothers die every day giving birth


Of these deaths happen in low-resource settings

We believe we can help

Established in 2010, Laerdal Global Health is a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping save lives of mothers and newborns. Working in close collaboration with partners, we develop high impact, low cost solutions aimed at helping save lives. These solutions, implemented by our partners throughout the world, ensure that health workers are better trained, equipped and supported to provide quality care and save mothers and babies at birth.

Our goal is to help save 400,000 more lives every year by 2020

We will do so by:

  • Helping train and equip more than 1 million birth attendants
  • Introducing 12 - 15 disruptive innovative solutions that are durable, simple, culturally adaptable, and affordable
  • Catalyzing innovative partnerships and alliances