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Healthworkers' Support Materials


Supporting Healthcare Professionals

 Assisting in the Receiving of COVID-19 Patients

Laerdal Medical has especially developed this content for healthcare professionals who suddenly need to work in the Emergency Department and are tasked with the initial screening of potential COVID-19 patients. Yesterday you were handling other tasks, but because of the need for more help, today you need to deal with incoming patients.

The COVID-19 field is new and maybe it's been a while since you were in a similar situation, so how do you go about this?

You will find valuable resources to help you in preparing for:

  • Protecting yourself
  • Meeting patients (eg doffing and donning and collecting specimens)
  • Identifying symptoms
  • Making decisions on the admission of patients (screening)
  • Educating patients
  • Evaluating if you should continue working or if it's better to stay at home in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.