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Meet the Team

Meet the team

We are a small group of dedicated professionals coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities. Based in Norway, India, and China, we work in multidisciplinary teams and in close interactions with experts and users to understand needs and to create solutions for helping save lives. Contact us to learn more. 

Tore Laerdal

Chairman of Laerdal Global Health

Karoline Myklebust Linde

CEO – currently on extended leave

Helge Myklebust

Acting CEO

Program and Implementation

Ida Neuman

Global Program and Implementation Manager

Rashmi Aradhya

Program Implementation Manager- Asia

Anna af Ugglas

Global Associated Program & Implementation Manager

Alemnesh Reta

Program Development and Implementation Specialist


Jennifer Gilbertson

Global Program Development and Implementation Specialist

Sakina Girnary

Program Development and Implementation Specialist

Camila Barrera Daza

Communication Specialist

Sonakshi Pandey

Program Implementation Designer

Asmita Acharya

Consultant - Program Implementation Nepal

Product Development

Tor Inge Garvik

Product Development Manager

Frode Liland

Product Industrialization Manager

Siddhartha Joshi

Product Development Manager India

Ole Terje Østrem

Industrial Designer

Karl-Otto Saarman

Industrial Designer

Frida Stenlund

Interaction Design - Intern

Jens Petter Ianke

Product Designer

Trond Atle Huth

Senior Product Developer

Tor Magne Skorstad

Project Manager

Lars Roger Solem

Product Developer

Strategic Research

Joar Eilevstjønn

Senior Scientist

Ingunn Haug

Senior Product Developer

Oystein Gomo

Senior Product Developer

Educational Illustration & Graphics

Anne Jorunn Svalastog Johnsen

Educational Illustrator & Graphics Manager

Therese Ølberg

Graphic Designer

Bjørn Mike Boge

Illustrator & Animator

Customer Service

Shirly Xiao

Logistics Manager

Brenda Ge

Customer service

Penny Peng

Customer service

Sam Xu

Customer service