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Our design process

The goal of how we work is to find innovative solutions that can help save lives

Our design development process can be summarized in two words; Build & Share. This iterative and collaborative approach goes through all of our development phases from reviewing the latest research, identifying needs, developing concepts and to the final refinement and finalization of a solution. We capitalize on our strong network of global maternal, newborn and reproductive health experts and users, who work together with us through the process.


This is our design process


Identify Needs

We work closely to our partners to identify the needs before we start developing solutions. We develop insights and identify a challenge, then make a design brief that sets direction for development of a solution.


Build to Understand

The main focus during conceptualize is to explore different ways of responding to the challenge. Through building and sharing prototypes with users and experts we learn more about the challenge, how we may create a solution and how the solution can reach the intended users.


Build to Refine

When we feel confident that we know the challenge well and have a concept we believe has the potential to address it, we focus on refining the chosen concept and implementation strategy.


Finalize and Produce

Before the solution is ready to be manufactured, it needs to go through rigorous testing of its performance, usability and lifetime durability. All our products are in line the regulatory procedures and medical devices are first approved and CE-marked for use in Europe before launch.


Helping Save Lives

Through our strong partnership with governments, leading UN organisations, NGOs, health and professional associations, the solutions that we jointly develop are used to help save lives at birth. With these solutions, health workers are better trained, equipped and support to handle lifesaving emergencies in low-resource settings. When we work together, we can help save more lives.