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Newborn Mask

A reusable newborn mask, available in two sizes, which is intended for newborns and infants who require respiratory support.

This novel mask has an improved design which makes it easier to obtain a seal and ventilate


  • Thicker and broader top surface than most other facemasks, and a more pliable bottom cuff, make it easier to hold the mask correctly in place.
  • Newborn Mask decreases mask leak by enabling better seal. 
  • Designed to work with all Laerdal newborn-bag masks
  • The snap-fit feature prevents the mask from falling out during use.
  • Available in two sizes, 0 and 1


Catalogue No. 846156

Newborn Mask ten pack — size 0

Newborn Mask ten pack — size 0
Catalogue No. 846157

Newborn Mask ten pack – size 1

Newborn Mask ten pack – size 1

Laerdal Global Health has committed to offer its products on a not-for-profit basis to the countries with the highest maternal and neonatal mortalities, which have not yet reached the targets set by Sustainable Development Goal 3.  If you do not qualify for not-for-profit pricing, please order from Laerdal Medical.


Medical Device Standards

  • CE-marked. In compliance with the essential requirements of Council Directive 93/42/EEC as amended by Council Directive 2007/47/EC.
  • US FDA registered (Class I Device)



  • Diameter: 49 mm (size 0), 64 mm (size 1)
  • Mass: 17g (size 0), 37g (size 1)
  • Snap design is designed to fit with 15 mm inner diameter female conical connectors


  • Silicone rubber


Tested for achieving high-level disinfection by following methods:

  • Steam autoclaving at 136 °C, 10-20 minutes
  • Chemical disinfection with activated glutaraldehyde, per manufactuer recommendations.
  • Boiling in clean water, minimum 10 minutes

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