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Laerdal Servi Ventilator

Laerdal-Servi Ventilators

Overcoming the shortage of ventilators; 1,000 New Laerdal-Servi Ventilators to be delivered by June 1



To help offset the significant shortage of ventilators for treating the expected high number of COVID-19 patients, Laerdal in collaboration with Servi AS, another Norwegian company, has in record time developed an emergency ventilator. The system is based around the widely-used Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator with an O2 reservoir system, a peep valve adjustable from 5 – 20 cm H20, pressure relieve valves and a bacteria filter. It includes a mechanical arm and high-quality motor and control electronics to compress the resuscitator bag and deliver accurately the required volume of oxygen at the appropriate rate.

Following an evaluation by representatives from two university hospitals and the medical corps of the Norwegian Armed Forces, Norwegian health authorities today placed an order for 1,000 units for fast-track manufacturing and deployment in hospitals throughout the country by June 1. This will double the number of available ventilators in Norway.

The device has been designed for simple and safe operation to facilitate its use also by new categories of healthcare personnel that may be required for assisting in the treatment of a growing number of COVID-19 patients. In collaboration with the SAFER simulation center, Laerdal is also making a user training program.

​​​​​​​The ventilator has a lower cost than traditional ventilators available. In the medium term, Laerdal and Servi expect that further industrialization and higher-scale manufacture will reduce the costs further to make it more affordable also in medium- and low- resource settings.