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HMS Bleeding After Birth Complete

A simulation-based training program by Jhpiego to teach birth attendants the lifesaving skills on how to prevent and manage postpartum haemorrhage and shock, the leading cause of maternal mortality.


Helping Mothers Survive Bleeding After Birth Complete (HMS BABC) is part of the evidence-based suite of training program based on the latest WHO guidelines called Helping Mothers Survive. BABC was updated in 2017 and is currently available in English*.

The HMS BABC curriculum includes:

Bleeding After Birth Action Plan Wall Poster

A simple, pictorial, step-by-step wall chart to  detect, prevent and manage bleeding after birth.

Shock Management Action Plan Wall Poster

A simple, pictorial, step-by-step wall for detect and manage shock and bleeding after birth 

Facilitator Flip Chart

An educational tool to assist and guide instructors to train healthcare providers in prevention, detection and management of bleeding after birth and shock. 

Provider Guide

An educational guide and quality improvement tool for healthcare providers to prevent, detect and manage bleeding after birth and shock to be used in preparation for, during and after course completion. 

*The updated curriculum is currently available in English, and the first edition is available in French. Both materials are available in African graphics. If you are interested in getting materials in languages other than English and French, please contact Helping Mothers Survive secretariat.

The HMS BABC training covers:

  • Communication and teamwork,
  • Active management of the third stage of labor, early detection and basic management of PPH
  • Advanced care skills such as management of shock, uterine balloon tamponade, manual removal of the placenta, repair of cervical lacerations, and use of the non-pneumatic anti-shock garment.

If you want to hold an HMS BABC training, you need the HMS BABC curriculum and the following:

HMS BABC is designed to be delivered at the jobsite and takes around 1 day to teach.



Catalogue No. 991-002xx

HMS BAB Facilitator Flip Chart Set

HMS BAB Facilitator Flip Chart Set

1 Facilitator Flip Chart, 2 Action Plan Wall Posters

Catalogue No. 991-001xx

HMS BAB Provider Guides (Qty. 20)

HMS BAB Provider Guides (Qty. 20)

20 Provider Guides

Catalogue No. 991-005xx

HMS BAB Extra Action Plan Posters (Qty. 2 x5)

HMS BAB Extra Action Plan Posters (Qty. 2 x5)

5 Bleeding After Birth Action Posters, and 5 Shock Management Action Posters

*When ordering, replace XX with the relevant language and graphics code

BAB 2015
07 – French, African graphics — SALE: 50% off    
33 – English, African graphics — SALE: 50% off 

BAB Complete 
English, African graphics (Coming soon)

Other language and graphics options can be download for free at the Helping Mothers Survive site.

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